MONDE | orthodontics

MONDEAL MEDICAL SYSTEMS developed an anchoring system, based on a mini anchor screw and guarantees an immobile base – a temporary skeletal anchorage.


  • Biocompatible
  • Minimally invasive insertion procedure
  • Easy to use
  • Immediate loading is possible
  • Independently of patients cooperation
  • Easy to combine with applications of the orthodontic accessories
  • Easy to remove
  • High success rate
  • Reduced treatment time

To insert an orthodontic screw, only a local anaesthesia is necessary.


Lin/Liou Orthodontic Mini Anchor Screw

The usage of Mini-Anchor-Screws has become a standard for orthodontic treatment. The self-drilling LOMAS screws offer many advantages such as high stability, immediate screw loadability as well as reliable and secure fixation.

Removing the screws is done within a few seconds and absolutely painless.

Insertion areas

  • Anterior maxilla
  • Anterior mandibula
  • Infrazygomatic crest
  • Buccale mandibula
  • Palatinal

There are additional applications by combining the LOMAS system with the innovative MONDEFIT system.


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The MONDEFIT system can be used for a variety of individual applications in the maxilla due to the screw design and the fixation of different abutments. The molar anchorage, the distal extension of the dental arch as well as the molar mesial movement can be named as important indications.

Removing the screws is done within a few seconds and absolutely painless.

  • Molar distal movement
  • Molar mesial movement
  • Molar upright
  • Molar and Front anchorage
  • Orthodontic treatment for displaced or malpositioned teeth
  • Temporary dentures (molars)
  • Maxillary expansion
  • Intrusion / Extrusion

Molar distal movement

Molar mesial movement

Molar mesial/distal movement


developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Dr. Rose

The Vestiplate provides the perfect solution to achieve increased stability of the anchorage and an ideal tensile direction.

An optimal position for the Anchorage plate, is found in the region of Corpus mandibulae region 33/34. Due to the three loops, a variable in height, an easier placement and an immediate fixation of the need orthodontic appliances are possible. The anchoring loop(s) can be bend to the teeth in the desired position.


Developed in collaboration with Dr. Hohensee

Anchorage and its control are one of the limiting factors in the orthodontic treatment. Skeletal anchoring elements are more frequently used and the limits of orthodontics extended. With the H-plate, the range of skeletal anchoring has expanded and the success rate increased. The H-plate is the first anchorage system that was specifically designed for use in the mandibular area. The plate is also technically suitable for use in the upper jaw. The H-plate simplifies and optimizes difficult, clinical processes of sagittal molar movement.


Physically mesial and distal movement of molars for gap closure in aplasia, gaining space in the front of the mandibular area without proximal enamel reduction and extraction as well as the possibility to upright a tipped molar with minimally effort.


Developed in collaboration with Dr. Carlos Villegas

The LOMAS VEGAS screw is a safe and reliable optional method compared to existing orthodontic miniplate systems and mini-anchor screws. The screw is available in a length from 9mm to 40mm.


  • chin-menton
  • mandibular
  • (infra) zygomatic
  • interdental
  • palatinal

Due to the long thread-free shank of the screw, a fast healing is assured. The screw guarantees a good primary stability in the maxilla and in the mandible.