The atrophied alveolar crest causes problems in case of supply of enossal implants due to missing bone structure. This can be remedied by autologous bone grafts. A simple method to attach the bone grafts to the jaw is to fix them using micro-screws, either directly or in combination with titanium micromesh.



ARCS (Alveolar Reconstruction System):

  • Self-tapping and self-drilling screws in established titan implant quality
  • Microplates with 0.6 mm thickness (additional plates in the MICRO 1200 system)
  • MICRO MESH for a solid covering of large bone defects after filling with autologous bone graft or bone regeneration material.
  • Titanium membranes for the covering of medium and small bone defects as barrier between gingiva and bone.
SIS (Sinus Implant Stabilizer)

Depending on the implant system and the SIS implant diameter, the SIS-version 'Standard' or the SIS-version ´Large` is used.
Thereby, the SIS is fixed between the implant and the healing screw.
Additionally, the SIS implant composite can be fixed using the ARCS micro screws which fit into the small holes in the SIS.


Thanks to the unique oscillation effect of the special tools, the SWING LIFT instruments for direct sinus lift increase the operating sensitivity and reduce the risk of perforation of the 'Schneiderian Membrane'.

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