The modular Mandible System Cluster consisting of the three systems MPS, BMR and FRACTURE, has been especially designed for the reconstruction of the mandible, trauma applications and fractures. Thus, it covers the entire spectrum of all common indications for the lower jaw area.


The `Mandibular Polyvalent System´  provides a complete selection of plates and screws for both, trauma applications, as well as the reconstruction of the mandible.
The modular concept makes it the system of choice for trauma and poly-trauma indications, as well as for the mandibular reconstruction with vascularized bone grafts in the tumor surgery.


The titanium mandibular reconstruction system is  not only suitable for the use of both, primary and secondary bridging indications, but also for the anatomical position fixing or as internal fixation.


The fracture implant system ensures a solid fixation in many types of fractures of the mandible. The plates with options of compression allow a safe and easy stabilization of the jaw.


The MONDE|mandible modular design principle provides the user a variety of configuration options for an individual combination of screws, plates and instruments.
This advantage is also reflected in the modular container system.
The container components are arranged and combined depending on the user‘s preferences and the selection of the individual elements.

  • Configurable by customer
  • Modular, economical

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