Foot Surgery

The foot surgery deals with the diagnosis and treatment of congenital and acquired diseases of the foot and ankle, as well as injuries and their consequences. In many cases, an operation can cure the functionality of the foot, therefore eliminate the pain and improve the cosmetic appearance in many cases.

The foot is generating the basis for a safe positioning in life. It has a very complex structure due to the 26 bones connected to each other via 33 joints. Hundreds of ligaments are holding the foot together, which gains its mobility through 20 muscles with very strong tendons supplied by a large number of nerves.

Since the foot provides mobility and quality of life, it represents a very important role for human beings. Therefore, it is a big concern to us to preserve this precious resource and to cover diseases and traumata of the foot with best possible and comprehensive supply possibilities.

The system components of MONDEAL for the foot surgery are characterized by its wide variety of screws and plates for various applications.

All screws, plates and instruments are stored clear in handy implant trays. For the manufacturing of our plates and screws only titanium is used.

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