A facial surgical operation is not only about functional aspects like for
instance speaking, chewing, breathing or swallowing. It is rather about the aesthetic and acceptance of the new face. The face represents our individual business card and therefore each of us becomes distinctive.

CMF system components

The OMF (oral and maxillofacial surgery) includes the identification, the therapy, the prevention and the rehabilitation of diseased conditions of the face. These come mostly from injuries, fractures, tumor diseases or facial skeleton malformations involving changes in form of the jawbone connected with tooth displacement. A special focus is on the functional recovery and the aesthetic rehabilitation of the face.

The OMF system components of MONDEAL for the OMF and Craniofacial
surgery are characterized by their wide variety of screws and plates for most different applications.

All screws, plates and instruments are stored clear in handy implant trays. For the manufacturing of our plates and screws only titanium, which is especially produced for the high demands in the OMF surgery, is used.

OMF Catalog

Here, you will find detailed information on Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery