developed in colaboration with Univ.-Prof. em. Dr. Christian Krenkel

The Adhesive Ringsplint serves not only the stabilization of traumatized and reimplanted teeth, but also it works effectively in case of tooth dislocations and numerous other analogously states.

Areas of application

Additional scopes are e.g. root fractures or splinting of loosened teeth, due to a chronic apical process, also to the bracing of transplanted teeth. Positive experience has also been made in the field of periodontal splinting.

Moreover, alveolar process fractures of the maxilla and the mandible are excellent indications.


  • Simple making
  • Easy, safe and painless application
  • No unintended slipping when applied to milk and conical teeth. Application in all growth stages
  • Full and painless immobilization in anatomically correct position
  • Atraumatic. No damage of the periodontium due to large distance to the marginal edge
  • Low plaque retention capacity
  • Enlarged treatement possibilities (e.g. endodontics)
  • Undisturbed occlusion and articulation
  • Sufficient aesthetic
  • Easy removeable


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