Mandibular Reconstruction

BMR-System (Bull Mandibular Reconstruction)

This titanium mandibular reconstruction system can be used for primary and secondary indications as well as for anatomical internal fixation. The condylar prothesis located in the set, is especially designed to perfectly fit our plates to match the anatomical mandibular dimesions.

Areas of Application:

1. Primary and secondary indications of mandibular bony defects after:
    •   Tumor Resections
    •   Resection due to osteomyelitis or osteoradionecrosis
    •   Loss of bone after trauma
    •   Removal of broken conventional plates

2. For fixation of:
    •   Vascular predicled bone grafts
    •   Alloplastic Material
    •   Free microsurgical bone grafts

3. As an internal fixation system for:
    •   Securing and maintenance of clinically functional parameters
    •   Reduction of aesthetical deformities

Mandibular Reconstruction Mesh (acc. Prof. Dr. Dr. Dumbach)

The titanium mesh is generally suitable for primary, as well as secondary bony reconstruction of any mandibular defect including temporomandibular joints. It is well-proven in problem cases with weakened graft sites, after inflammation and radiation, but also after failed reconstruction.

Benefits of the MONDEAL Mandibular Reconstruction Mesh:

  • Insertion of endosseous implants in the reconstructed mandible is normally not difficult due to the generally very favorable bone quality and quantity.
  • Operative treatment is simple. It offers a high probability of success and therefore, complication-free healing and problem-free aftercare.
  • Regardless of the defect size and location, the preformed, easily formable metal grid makes an axially-correct, balanced and aesthetically proper restoration of mandibular contour possible, including the problem areas of the chin and mandibular angle..
  • Despite adequate stability, the favorable influence of functional stimuli with mandibular movements on the bone grafts is possible, thus accelerating integration and reconstruction.
  • The duration of intermaxillary fixation can be substantially reduced and in many cases, completely eliminated.
  • In most cases, the grid can be safely left in the organism permanently.
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